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Monthly Specials

Richmond VA grand opening special: All September 2016, 15% off any parts with Tune up service purchase!


The Tune-Up

Proper bearing tension is a must. We check the head-set,, bottom-bracket , and both hubs. True both wheels. Adjust the brakes and both derailleurs. Check torque and bolt tightness. Properly pressure your tires. Lube the chain and cables. Lightly clean and wipe down the frame.


The Tune-Up Plus

This is a Tune-up with a full drivetrain clean. We pull the chain, crank-set, front and rear derailleurs, and cassette. Clean these of their old grease and dirt then replace them re-greased and properly torqued.


The Overhaul

This is a Tune-Up Plus one step further... total disassembly. All parts are removed from your frame to be cleaned, re-greased, and reassembled. This allows for close inspection and cleaning also of your frame and every single bearing.


Other Services Offered... to name a few

-Tire or tube Installed

-Tubulars taped

-Tubeless sealed*

-Wheel trued

-Wheel build

-Chain installed  (single speed)

-Chain installed ((multiple speed) includes minor derailleur adjustment)

-Derailleurs adjustment

-Brake adjustment

-Brake bleed*

-Minor shock overhaul*

-Bearing set installation, adjustment, or overhaul

-Small parts Installation

-Service call (where applicable)


This list is not all inclusive. Please let us know if you have any other needs.

All parts are extra. All estimates are free.

*fluid extra

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